Zorro: The Musical

Zorro: The Musical

King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 25–Sat 29 Mar


The renewed interest in superheroes that has taken place in recent years might owe something to the uncertain world we currently inhabit, but the enduring figure of the masked superhero owes a debt to the original caped crusader, Señor Zorro. Antonio Banderas breathed new life into the 90-year-old pulp serial in two blockbuster films, and now it’s a singing Don Diego de la Vega that must fight for the justice of poor Mexicans, as Zorro takes to the stage.

Training for three months in preparation to abseil, whip and sword-fight his way into the fabled mask, West End star Matt Rawle insists that all the trouble has been worthwhile. ‘It’s a brilliant part. As a child I watched the black and white serial, and I was a big fan. This is very much in that old style of musical theatre, very much like Gene Kelly in The Pirate, and although it’s got quite a serious story, it’s definitely tongue in cheek.’

With a scorching flamenco score by million-selling, Grammy-nominated group The Gypsy Kings, Zorro seems likely to swash audiences by the buckles. ‘The music has had a huge effect on what the production has become, it fits perfectly with the whole style,’ says Rawle. ‘It’s massively entertaining, you just can’t help but fall in love with it.’

Hold on to your sombreros muchachos.


Sching! Swashbuckling leatherclad West End musical version of the sultry Banderas/Zeta Jones movie, with heavyweight West End vocal talent in the lead roles.

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