Five things you might not know about . . . Michael McIntyre

Five things you might not know about . . . Michael McIntyre

Opinion-splitting comic hits the road with Happy & Glorious

1. A lot of people love him …
There’s little point in denying that while many critics and fellow comedians have barely a good word to say about him, the masses adore McIntyre for his ordinary observations and skipping about. During his 2011 Desert Island Discs appearance, McIntyre told Kirsty Young of the nastiness he felt in the room when he won prizes at the British Comedy Awards, later citing Armando Iannucci and Paul Merton for comments that left him feeling horrible.

2. Yes, yes, but what music does he like? …
He chose tunes by Massive Attack, Aretha Franklin, John Lennon and Ella Fitzgerald.

3. It might well be in his blood …
His late father, Ray Cameron, was also a comedian whose most famous credits were writing for the Kenny Everett Video Show and co-creating Jokers Wild, the ITV panel show hosted in the early 70s by Barry Cryer.

4. He didn’t always pack them out …
He claims his first scheduled Edinburgh Fringe date, in 2003, was attended by one person. On a day when it was a two-for-one deal. The month must have improved dramatically as he ended the festival with a Best Newcomer nomination to put in his man drawer.

5. He has good taste in his idols …
Back in the sands of time, aka 2006, McIntyre was the very first comedian to write our My Comedy Hero column. While citing Billy Connolly, Richard Pryor and Larry David as contenders, he plumped for Woody Allen, with a couple of caveats. ‘His last dozen or so films have been appalling and he married his step-daughter, but he was the first person to show me just how funny comedy can be.’ Sadly, in the nine years of My Comedy Hero, no one has chosen him. Then again, we’ve yet to ask Woody Allen.

Michael McIntyre is on tour until Fri 11 Dec.

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