Emmerdale for huge explosion

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  • 14 July 2015
Debbie Dingle

Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb)

'Emmerdale' will be rocked by a huge explosion later this month which will reportedly claim the lives of numerous stars of the show

'Emmerdale' will be rocked by a huge explosion.

The ITV soap will see several characters killed and many more injured following Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) and Pete Barton's (Anthony Quinlan) wedding when the village hall is blown up.

A source revealed: "The writers felt it was time for a shake-up, so that is exactly what we are doing. The village hall felt a bit tired and run-down, so what better way to bring it into the 21st century than to blow it up?"

Producers are reportedly hoping to rival the soap's plane crash in 1993 which drew in millions of viewers with four characters being killed off in the big-budget stunt.

And show makers are hoping some of the most expensive stunts and special effects ever to be used on the show will keep viewers gripped.

The insider told The Sun newspaper: "It will see deaths and injuries as some of the show's biggest characters are pulled out of the rubble covered in blood and mud.

"We are sure it will have every soap fan glued to their screens."

It has not yet been revealed which characters will lose their lives, although Rachel Breckle (Gemma Oaten) and Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick) are believed to be among those who will perish in the blast following the announcement the stars will leave the show this year.

The explosive scenes were filmed over 23 days and are set to air next month at the end of the show's dramatic "summer of infidelity".

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