Kodaline writing for new LP

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  • 14 July 2015
Kodaline at Lynx Black Space

Kodaline at Lynx Black Space

Kodaline have already written "15 or 20 songs" for their next album and have even got a studio on the road with them so they can get plenty of songs made for the record

Kodaline have already written "15 or 20 songs" for their next album.

The band only released their sophomore record 'Coming Up for Air' in February but they are already hard at work on their next LP even though they are unsure of the quality of the tracks they have already created.

Asked how far they are into their next record, drummer Vinny May exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It's probably like 15 or 20 songs while we've been on the road, between the two tours and the festival dates we've been doing. They're not all great, most of them will probably be really s**t but one or two of them might be good."

The 'High Hopes' hitmakers are so desperate to get their third record polished off they have even brought a studio on the road with them so they can make music while touring.

He explained: "We constantly work and write songs on the road, it's kind of a never ending cycle. Whenever we're on tour we always have a little studio set-up in the back of the tour bus and we can do demos and ideas for songs."

The folk rockers - also including members Steve Garrigan, Mark Prendergast and Jason Boland - confessed they might take longer creating their next record though, having had such a quick turnaround between their latest album and their debut in 2013, 'In a Perfect World'.

He added: "We might take a little longer, but we're so honoured that this is what we get to do, so we're not really keen on taking too many breaks, we want to keep things going because this is what we love doing. So we might take a little longer to make the record but we're not going to stop."

Kodaline were speaking ahead of their performance at Lynx Black Space, the understated social escape in the heart of Shoreditch. Find out more at http://www.lynxblackspace.com/

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