Chris Evans: I feel like Dr Who

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  • 13 July 2015
Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Presenter Chris Evans is ready to step into Jeremy Clarkson's big shoes but says he feels like Dr Who because there have been so many presenters before him

Chris Evans feels like "Doctor Who" stepping into 'Top Gear'.

The 49 year-old presenter says that he is aware that he has "big shoes" to fill as he takes over the popular BBC Two show from former front-man Jeremy Clarkson, 55, but explained that he has been in a similar situation before and is up for the challenge.

He said: "There have been 34 presenters before me, so it's a bit like 'Doctor Who'.

"When I took over Terry Wogan's Radio 2 show, people kept saying 'I had big shoes to fill' and they keep saying it again now.

"By the way, Jeremy is very tall, so they're even bigger shoes to fill."

And the flame-haired TV personality revealed why he originally ruled himself out of the running for the top spot.

He told BBC's Top Gear magazine: "I honestly didn't think I'd get the phone call - I was amazed that I did, to be honest.

"I ruled myself out because I didn't want to be part of all the nonsense that was going on. But then the situation changed, and I wasn't stepping on anybody's graves or toes.

"I was actually in the middle of preparing for 'TFI Friday' and I talked to Will (MacDonald from the Channel 4 show) and he said, 'Why would you not do this?' And that's the question. It wasn't 'Why would you do it?' but 'Why wouldn't you?' If I make television programmes for a living and love motor cars and love the biggest challenge in the world, why wouldn't I do it?"

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