Box Club - Box Club (4 stars)

Box Club



The accordion is an instrument that still has an image problem in some quarters. Box Club are out to counter that perception by presenting the venerable instrument in much more contemporary trappings, including a slick visual image in the band logo and the CD’s digipak design that reflects the four differently coloured accordions played by their four box players: John Somerville, Angus Lyon, Mairearad Green and Gary Innes.

They are an impressively virtuoso bunch, ably supported by driving rhythmic accompaniments from Michael Bryan (guitar), Duncan Lyall (bass) and Martin O’Neill (on drums rather than his usual bodhran), and succeed in conjuring up plenty of variety from the instruments on their largely self-composed material. All of the players have roots in traditional music that are entirely evident here, but they explore some novel directions with an energy and edge that may help win new converts to the cause.

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