Guilty Simpson - Ode to The Ghetto (4 stars)

Guilty Simpson - Ode to The Ghetto

(Stones Throw Records)


Byron Simpson aka Guilty Simpson is the real deal. He’s done his time within Detroit’s hip hop scene, mastering his art and waiting for his moment. Ode to the Ghetto is his first full-length project and what you have here is a dark, raw collection of tracks, giving a real insight into where Simpson’s come from.

Standouts include ‘Footwork’, a beefy, dark synth-led cut, looking to the city’s corners for lyrical inspiration while the title track is a catchy, raw groove capturing strong visions of Simpson’s surroundings. It’s not all dark street music, with cuts like ‘Kinda Live’ providing balance, a soulful R&B soaked offering of class production, making clear he’s no one trick pony.

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