Steven Moffat blasts Twitter critics

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  • 10 July 2015
Steven Moffat at Doctor Who event in Cardiff

Steven Moffat

'Doctor Who' writer Steven Moffat has claimed Twitter is the "worst possible form of audience research"

Steven Moffat thinks Twitter is the "worst possible form of audience research".

The 53-year-old writer and producer of the BBC sci-fi series 'Doctor Who' has claimed the social media platform is not necessarily reflective of audience views.

Steven - who left Twitter in 2012 - said: "I think Twitter is a useful tool for promoting a show, but I think it is the worst possible form of audience research, it really is.

"That is not a typical audience member talking. It might be interesting, it might be witty, it might be clever, it might be insightful, but it's now what they're all saying."

Steven said it's important not to mistake "Twitter's reaction for the audience's reaction".

He said: "They are not the same thing. They're not even supposed to be the same thing.

"People on Twitter are having fun, they're making gags ... it's like overhearing a pub conversation, when you're at a pub do you tell the truth, or do you try and get attention?"

This comes shortly after Steven admitted criticism of 'Doctor Who' gets him down.

He said recently: "I suppose, being honest - because we're all human and fragile - some of the blows do land. I remember, not long ago, feeling a bit grim, about some vicious remarks. Stupidly and childishly, I'd let them get to me."

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