MGMT - Oracular Spectacular (4 stars)




After first encountering this New York outfit making their TV debut on The Letterman Show wearing long black capes and romping though their breakthrough tune ‘Time to Pretend’, MGMT have only gone up even further in our estimation with this curious and endearing debut offering.

The overriding vibe is of some mystical, DIY interstellar expedition. ‘Electric Feel’ is the Scissor Sisters’ own methadoned-up Bee Gees homage, while ‘Kids’ is a barbaric electropop stomp where Donna Summer and The Flaming Lips gleefully show off their mutant, conjoined robot babies. Some of these unearthly spells don’t fully cohere, exposing some tenuous songwriting at the roots, but MGMT seem to be focussed about putting on a show currently, and thankfully we’re all invited.

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