OMI confident about new music

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  • 9 July 2015
'Cheerleader' hitmaker OMI

'Cheerleader' hitmaker OMI

OMI is confident he can recreate the success of 'Cheerleader' and insists he isn't feeling "pressured" to release new music

OMI is confident he can recreate the success of 'Cheerleader'.

The 28-year-old musician believes he has the ability to write another hit single, having already topped charts around the world this year with his catchy tune.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "If I did it already I can do it again."

The singer - whose real name is Omar Pasley - continued to say he isn't sweating over making new music because he doesn't feel "pressured" to write hits.

He said: "I just think it's all about being in that and element of creativity that I was in. I wrote the song, 'I' wrote one of the biggest songs, and that's how I keep reminding myself not to be complacent but the fact that you know, 'hey, dude, you wrote one of the biggest songs, you did that' so I mean, I keep reminding myself of that so as not to be pressured."

And although his fame has rocketed in the past few months with the success of 'Cheerleader' - which has sold over a million copies in the UK - OMI is staying "grounded" with the help of his loyal pals.

Speaking ahead of his Isle of MTV Malta performance - which will be broadcast internationally on MTV on August 1 - he added: "Professionally I've been doing music for seven years but I've always been in the studio developing my catalogue and recording and taking my music very seriously, and trying never to lose the music no matter how much fame or fortune comes with it.

"It is weird, you know, but I have very grounded people around me, people with solid moral values, you know, they keep me in line and I try to keep myself open to being in line. That's very important. You know my manager is like a father figure to me."

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