Miss Le Bomb and Wounded Knee (4 stars)

Miss Le Bomb

Miss Le Bomb

Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Wed 20 Mar


Drew Wright, aka Edinburgh’s Wounded Knee, doesn’t show off. He just sits at a desk covered with all sorts of little mechanical toys, and asks in a frighteningly reverb-heavy God-voice if he can play another song. No-one’s going to argue with the word of The Almighty, so back to work he goes on another outré mesh of folk rhythms, cut-up and sequenced until they resemble a Bronze Age rave with the voice of Zardoz giving commentary. It’s really good, but you couldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Catriona Shaw, aka Berlin-based Edinburgh ex-pat Miss Le Bomb and formerly one third of electro-art covers band Queen of Japan, just can’t stop showing off. Dressed in red sequins, Elvis vest and a laptop-created electro-funk squelch, she covers ‘Jealous Guy’ (in the vaguest sense) while rolling on the floor amidst us, composes the world’s first and surely never-to-be-bettered musical tribute to budget airlines, and eulogises the act of band-love with the memorable not-really-rhyming couplet ‘Babe, I wanna come/I see you playing drums’. It’s all just a bit stupid, really. But some kind of brilliant, too.