Chris Corsano and Massimo Pupillo (4 stars)

Chris Corsano

Chris Corsano

The Ark, Edinburgh, Fri 14 Mar


With scheduled headliners Italian skronk power trio Zu depleted in ranks by a broken-limbed drummer, last-minute reinforcements come in the shape of ubiquitous sticks-man Chris Corsano, briefly home from his extended gig with Björk. The timing is fortuitous as a collaboration between guitarist David Chalmin and Zu bassist Massimo Pupillo (under the Dimension X moniker) has already spawned an album based on a 1950s sci-fi radio show.

Before the main event, however, things are enlivened by two somewhat refreshed young men jumping onstage and grabbing the mikes to inform one of the support bands at length how shit they are. While they’re still playing. One dancefloor fracas later, and Corsano and Pupillo’s twin rhythm unit bring some kind of well-drilled harmony to the room. Both parties lead, as Corsano’s restless cymbal and mallet play feeds off Pupillo’s distorted bass. Keeping any heaviosity to a minimum of busy, low-attention-span skitters, the pair eventually let rip with a sensitively controlled thwack home that puts regular bands to shame on this night of incident and colour.

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