My Electric Love Affair (3 stars)

My Electric Love Affair

The Jam House, Edinburgh, Sun 16 Mar


Despite the glittery, Lycra covered delights their name conjures up, lovers of dazzling showmanship probably wouldn’t have been bowled over by the stage presence of this Edinburgh three-piece. Apart from the lead singer sporting a leather WW2 fighter pilot mask and goggles – which is admittedly pretty groovy – these clearly aren’t the kind of guys who set out to provide a feast for the eyes, unless two stony faced guitarists and a drummer rocking out very slowly counts as a treat.

Luckily MELA, who released their most recent single, ‘Blow Me Down’ on their own label at the end of last year after recording it at Edinburgh College of Art, are experts in elongated, slug-like garage rock, building from a fuzzy drone of guitars into a muddier, moodier version of The Alien’s psychedelic melodrama, and finally swelling into a rush of dissonant My Bloody Valentine reverb chaos. Dark and rolling, it’s music for staring at your shoes and savouring, and each ten-minute-long wall of noise was more than enough to make the ears forget what the eyes were missing.

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