Dananananaykroyd and Copy Haho (4 stars)

Dananananaykroyd and Copy Haho

Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Tue 18 Mar


‘We’re from Stonehaven,’ pointed out Copy Haho (‘hah-ho’, not ‘hey-ho’). ‘That’s in Scotland.’ ‘Darren Mackie!’ comes a bellowed reply, and the Scottish Cup shock happening along the road at Parkhead allows for all the North-Eastern solidarity in the room to be warmly, finally indulged.

Whether the Hahos themselves actually beat Glasgow at their own game is academic, however, as they’re simply a fine indie band in the purest aesthetic sense, a honed throwback to the days when Sonic Youth and Pixies ran the scene (some might say back when there actually was a scene). That makes for a loveable mixture of spirited – some might say winningly amateurish – vocals and chiming, crunched-glass guitars riffs on tracks like ‘You are My Coal Mine’ and ‘Shooting at the Sky’.

The . . . Aykroyds are also an endearing bunch, and seem to have recovered from recent membership upheavals well. The Glaswegian six-piece provide a rhythmic slew of strangely danceable thrash-pop songs, and deliver them with huge energy and obscure banter. A proper performance, in other words, rather than just any old gig.

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