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Midnight Juggernauts

Tomorrow’s music today. This issue: Midnight Juggernauts

They’ve toured with Justice and Digitalism, and are already a well-known name in their native Melbourne. Yet now, with their debut album Dystopia due for a somewhat belated release on these shores, Midnight Juggernauts – Vincent Juggernaut (synth, vocals), Andy Juggernaut (guitar, vocals) and Daniel Stricker (drums) – are ready to stake their claim as the Antipodean Klaxons. Having just landed in Europe, and Andy tells us more before he gets back to his Guinness

How did you all meet each other?

Vincent and I went to high school together, we’ve been playing – mostly pretty badly – since we were 13. But things have really moved forward since we met Daniel about town two years ago. Before he joined we just had a drum machine, and I think that’s where the dance element to our music comes from. Things have been going well this past year, so now is the time for us to put our money in and raise our profile abroad.

Put your money in?

Well, we own our own label, so any money we make goes right back to the band.

How do you fit into the whole Melbourne scene?

We’re really good friends with the Modular Records crowd – I actually used to live with one of the guys from Cut Copy, in fact. Yeah, it’s good that there are so many fine bands coming out of the city, but it’s also healthy that we don’t all sound exactly like each other.

Midnight Juggernauts play the Beat Club, Glasgow, Thu 3 Apr; Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Fri 4 Apr.

Midnight Juggernauts

Melbourne space disco trio who have been described as 'Can meets ELO' - sign us up - play at this R-P-Z night.

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