Peter Capaldi urges Jenna: Don't leave 'Doctor Who'

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  • 6 July 2015
Peter Capaldi at Jameson Empire Awards

Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi says he is desperate for Jenna Coleman to continue to portray the Doctor's companion, Clara Oswald, in 'Doctor Who'

Peter Capaldi is desperate for Jenna Coleman to stay in 'Doctor Who'.

The 57-year-old star - who plays the shows titular character - hopes his co-star has no plans to leave the show for good in search of a film career.

He said: "Jenna continues to deliver a complex and funny performance that marks her out as one of the best companions ever.

"Will these be her last shows? I hope not."

And Peter has warned of a rocky road ahead for the Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna since 2012.

Peter added to The Sun newspaper: "Clara and the Doctor have realised they are the luckiest people in all of time and space. He is throwing himself into life with a new-found hunger for adventure. He is grabbing every thrill he can.

"But I sense him running from something that even he does not yet understand."

Meanwhile, Peter recently teased an "epic sweep" to the ninth series, which is set to premiere this Autumn, because of the "scary creatures" he is set to face.

He said: "There is an epic sweep to this season and I think the villains and monsters reflect that. Great new ones, brilliant old ones, and some very scary creatures looming in stories with real emotional ambition."

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