Dan Osborne's big proposal plans

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  • 6 July 2015
Jacqueline and Dan

Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa

Former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star Dan Osborne has admitted he had been planning to propose to Jacqueline Jossa "for months" and hatched an elaborate scheme to ensure it was all kept secret from his bride-to-be

Dan Osborne had been planning to propose to Jacqueline Jossa "for months".

The former 'Only Way Is Essex' star - who got engaged to the 'EastEnders' beauty whilst on holiday in Greece - has revealed he hatched an elaborate plan to avoid being found out by his bride-to-be.

He said: "I got it [the ring] two and a half months before. I went shopping with my best mate and I made him pretend we were shopping for his girlfriend because I didn't want anyone finding out what I was planning.

"At one point I even walked out of the shop and left him looking, to make it more realistic."

And it wasn't just Dan's pal who leant a helping hand, Jacqueline's sister Katrina - who recently tied the knot herself - was in on it too.

When asked if the ring fit well, Jacqueline replied: "Perfectly! A few months ago Katrina got me to try on her engagement ring as we have very similar sized hands so he knew what size to get.

"I can't believe I didn't twig sooner what was going on!"

And whilst the couple - who have four-month-old daughter Ella together - are looking forward to the wedding, they're in no rush to say 'I Do'.

Asked about how planning for the wedding is going, the 22-year-old actress told OK! magazine: "It's early days but we're aiming to get married next summer. We're not in a massive rush so if we don't find the right venue in time that could easily change.

"We've already agreed that we don't want to go abroad as that can be expensive for people, and we want as many of our friends and family there as possible ...

"Neither of us are religious so I don't think [the wedding] will be in a church - we'd like to get married in a castle. I love the idea of having somewhere really big so that we can both stay the night before but not run into each other."

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