John Taylor and Gwilym Simcock

John Taylor and Gwilym Simcock

Strathclyde Suite, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Thu 3 Apr; Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Fri 4 Apr


This concert marks a new venture in jazz promotion in Scotland. Singer Todd Gordon reckons he has spotted a gap in the current market for promotions at venues of this size, and sees his Jazz International series as complementary to Assembly Direct’s work at The Lot and Glasgow Jazz gigs at the City Hall’s Recital Rooms, as well as in-house venue promotions.

The singer’s first batch of four offerings will culminate in his own performance with the Marcus Pope Big Band at the Glasgow Jazz Festival in June, when they will revisit the classic Sinatra-Basie sessions. Later this month, ECM artists Enrico Rava and Stefano Bollani will team up at the Queen’s Hall, and in May guitarist Martin Taylor and singer Alison Burns do likewise at the Edinburgh venue and the City Halls in Glasgow.

He launches with this intriguing double bill featuring two great English pianists at the opposite ends of their careers. Indeed, Gwilym Simcock recognises John Taylor as both a teacher and mentor as well as a palpable influence in his own playing. The two pianists will play solo sets before teaming up for a concluding duet.

Simcock is a new kid on the block, but is already regarded as a rising force in British jazz. His last appearance here was performing with the Scottish Ensemble, and it will be good to get a chance to hear him in a solo setting, not to mention the mouth-watering prospect of that duet.

John Taylor and Gwilym Simcock

Two outstanding UK jazz pianists, both playing solo then joining forces for a two piano duet.

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