Method Man, Redman and LuckyMe

Don Flanagan

Lucky Me's Dom Flanagan

Carling Academy, Glasgow, Sat 29 Mar - *** RESCHEDULED FOR SUNDAY 20 APRIL ***


‘Change’ seems to be a popular word at the moment; politically, environmentally, it’s all about moving into something new. As always, you can rely on hip hop to reflect the current state of the world with a growing number of artists and producers taking the genre into uncharted territory, combining old influences with new technologies and warping them into what may well be the future. Scotland’s LuckyMe crew are a collective of vocalist, MCs and producers who excel at merging, blurring and destroying the lines between hip hop and electronic music, a process that is perhaps best left to LuckyMe’s Dom Flanagan to explain: ‘We’re known for that instrumental hip hop style which isn’t fixed by any structural rules apart from it generally sounds quite electronic sounding. We’re influenced by everything from dubstep to hyphie to crunk; all the southern styles of hip hop.’

The result has become known as ‘beat music’ a term coined in a compilation CD entitled Beat Dimensions on Amsterdam’s Rush Hour, the defining release for this new sound. The music’s popularity is growing and the lads have scored a number of gigs including an upcoming support slot for the legendary Redman and Method Man which has got Flanagan all of a fluster.

‘Hip hop is my first love. It’s all I think about, all day I’m thinking about being a rapper. It’s still my dream gig to do a support for Redman and Method Man, a big, high profile gig and frankly that’s the culture that I want to relate to with the music I’m making.’

The platinum-selling megastars from east coast USA and the young gun knob twiddlers from the west coast of Scotland might appear on paper as the mother of all contrasts, but if you ever needed a common denominator then hip hop is it.

Method Man & Redman

Wu Tang Clan-affiliated rap duo, who have appeared on each other's album and in a sitcom together - how street is that?

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