James Jordan and Jasmine Lennard check out of Big Brother Hotel

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  • 3 July 2015
Jasmine Lennard

Jasmine Lennard

Former 'Strictly Come Dancing' professional James Jordan and socialite Jasmine Lennard have checked out of the Big Brother Hotel

James Jordan and Jasmine Lennard have checked out of the Big Brother Hotel.

In their brief stays on the show, the former 'Strictly Come Dancing' professional and the 29-year-old socialite caused a stir in the house.

Speaking of his time in the house, he said: "It's a school playground compared with mine. I don't even think mine was the worst series! When I came in I could feel how the house was. It was flat and apologetic. Even Marc he was a beaten man. I think the others that when in before me said things he took to heart.

"I was quite happy to go in and put a rocket up Marc's arse. I wouldn't have stayed longer. What would be the point? If I was asked to do 'Big Brother' from the start again... Yes maybe but you only need to do it once."

Jasmine - whose steamy fling with housemate Cristian became a talking point for the contestants and fans alike - has admitted he is not her usual type but insists she would have found it "very very hard to resist him" if they were in the house for the whole 11 weeks.

She shared: "I am not normally attracted to pretty boys but it was an energy, as soon as we locked eyes I knew it was on. I couldn't have imagined even have kissing someone in the House so who knows what would have happened if I had been locked up with him for 11 weeks. It would have been very very hard to resist him.

"Before I left the House I asked if he would like me to be at the final to see him come out and he said yes, so I will be there for him at the final ... I hope that I have helped his chances to the final."

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