Steven Moffat: Doctor Who criticism gets me down

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  • 2 July 2015
Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat

'Doctor Who' showrunner Steven Moffat has admitted that criticism of his work on the sc-fi show does get him down sometimes

Steven Moffat admits he sometimes lets 'Doctor Who' trolls get to him.

The showrunner tries to ignore criticism of his work on the long-running BBC sci-fi programme but revealed that sometimes he finds it hard to forget.

He told Doctor Who magazine: "I suppose, being honest - because we're all human and fragile - some of the blows do land. I remember, not long ago, feeling a bit grim, about some vicious remarks. Stupidly and childishly, I'd let them get to me."

However, he insisted he doesn't judge all fans by the "occasional attention-seeking ranter".

He said: "The fact is, you don't judge the newspaper, or people in general, by the standards of those comments sections, so why would you judge 'Doctor Who' fandom by the occasional attention-seeking ranter? I have always found [fans] to be clever, funny, articulate and more than usually friendly.

"And perfectly and humorously aware that knowing every detail about an early Saturday evening adventure serial is a pleasant but extremely daft thing to do. May it be daft forever!"

Meanwhile, after revealing the show will continue for at least five more years, the award-winning producer recently said its popularity tricks viewers into thinking success has been "easy" to achieve, but the secret is actually good casting.

Steven - who is currently working with Peter Capaldi as the Time Lord - said: "It's not easy to find new people. It's not easy to find new Doctors. That could be the danger - that you start to think that it's easy. There's nothing easy about doing 'Doctor Who'."


1. Mark Newman3 Jul 2015, 6:31am Report

Moffat should hang his head in shame. Hiring dull actors to run up and down corridors, shouting isn't science fiction and it's not interesting. The ridiculous and convoluted stories are just embarrassing.

Get back to the daleks AND STICK WITH THEM. Stop trying to be funny with the script. It's not working. It comes off as tired and forced. But if you DO insist on trying to be funny - run the script by people before you sign off on it.

And let's get the music back as well. This crappy new version is just drab and uninspired. No sense of impending doom or excitement. No... well, no anything.


Keep it simple, stupid!

Simple stories and daleks... What's so hard to understand?

Moffat is like Microsoft - in charge of something that's important but clueless about what to do with it.

Look at all the scripts... is the word 'dalek' in them? If it isn't then SCRAP THEM!

Stop treating your audience like little politically correct lefties and try to appeal to apeal to the rebel in all of us. My goodness - If Shaun the Sheep can do it WITHOUT a bloody word of dialog, surely the machine running Doctor Who should be able to come up with something.

It's just tragic that this great idea for a program has been crapped away in such melodramatic but empty and purile series of rubbish stories.

2. Vince3 Jul 2015, 8:42am Report

You seem to have missed the point of the article.

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