Weird Wednesdays #1: Tracking down the strange and the surreal so you don’t have to

Weird Wednesdays #1: Tracking down the strange and the surreal so you don’t have to

Anthropomorphic Mouse or Rat Taxidermy

Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy anyone? Our pick of this week’s weird events from across the country

Each Wednesday we scour the land to bring you the best of the weird and way-out events that are taking place under your very nose. Here are five of the best.

Anthropomorphic Mouse or Rat Taxidermy
It’s the conversation starter you never knew you needed. Create an anthropomorphic mouse or rat to pop somewhere in your house and ensure you always get a bit of a start each time you catch a glimpse. You’ll be in fine company – Derren Brown, Amanda Seyfried and Deadmau5 (of course) are all collectors.
Islington Arts Factory, London, Mon 6 Jul, 6pm, £35–£50

Adolf in Toxteth
Now, this is one that could teeter precariously on the line, or run screaming into the abyss of taste. Ian Carroll’s kitchen sink drama imagines this: what would happen if failed art student Adolf takes some time off to lodge with his half-brother Alois in Toxteth. Maybe give it a wide berth if you’re an offendable sort.
Unity Theatre, Liverpool, Tue 7–Sat 11 Jul, 8pm, £10 (£8)

Catalyst Club
A long-running talking shop that’s not afraid to tackle the difficult subjects. So why not death? Spend a jolly old evening debating bereavement, mortality and the afterlife, with guest speakers Dr David Bramwell, Matt Pope, Peter Breitbart and Anthony Moore. Then go home and enjoy trying to get to sleep.
Latest Music Bar, Brighton, Thu 9 Jul, 8pm (£6)

Introduction to Shamanism
Face it, Naboo always was the best one in The Mighty Boosh. If you’ve always yearned to reach a higher spiritual plane, but Snapchat and Netflix keep getting in the way, now you can fast-track your way to shamanism via this introductory course that teaches you how to embark on your shamanic journey, how to find your power animal and how to journey for others.
Bodywise, Manchester, Sat 11 Jul, 10am–5pm, £40

Skinny Swim
Not at all weird if you believe the human body is natural, beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. However, we are, whether we like it or not, British and must deal with our repression. If you want to rid yourself of the shackles of shame, this naturist (that’s nude) swim is a friendly environment, plus you also get the use of sauna, steam room and Turkish suite.
Arlington Baths, Glasgow, Sun 12 Jul, 6–9pm, £10 (students / under 26s £7; children £4; members free)

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