Introducing . . . BumFunk


The best new nights in town. This month: BumFunk

Residents Miss Chris, Marco Smith (both ex-Taste) and Kaupuss (Fever).

Guests Although big-name guests aren’t planned for the night, the aim is to corral a selection of established and rising local talent to make an appearance in Cab’s back room.

Music policy ‘Uplifting, uptempo happy tunes and club anthems. But not pop.’

What they say ‘Taste had been running for almost fourteen years,’ says Gordon Band, ex-promoter of the seminal Sunday night gay club (which ended in January) and the man behind this all-new replacement. ‘The hardcore crowd which had been coming along every week has grown-up and moved on to different things, so BumFunk is kind of a reinvention for a new crowd. At Taste we were a bit more serious, deeper and more progressive, and this is going to be a much more lighthearted affair. That’s what people have been asking for, the majority of clubbers are in their 20s, and they’re looking for something a bit more energetic than what was happening at Taste. Look at all the raves starting up at Ingliston, they’re playing happy hardcore all over again.’

What we say Don’t let that last comment (or the garishly loaded name) put you off; this isn’t about Scooter and TTF, BumFunk is just attempting to marry the school-night hedonism of Taste to the fun-loving colour of the new rave era. The Taste crew will still be putting on Bank Holiday specials under their old name and running their more hard-edged monthly night Fever at Ego, but this new experiment obviously makes concessions to the fact that Edinburgh’s Sunday night clubbers are more attracted than ever to mainstream sounds.

BumFunk is at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, weekly Sundays.


Kaupuss and Miss Chris (in the Speakeasy) deliver the best in funky vocal house, club classics and electro.

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