Greg Pak & John Romita Jr - World War Hulk (3 stars)

World War Hulk

(Marvel UK)


The Hulk works best when written as a rampaging force of nature, a destructive power on the scale of an atomic bomb. He is, after all, a being of immeasurable strength, an angry behemoth with the power to crush all before him.

After the events of Planet Hulk, where the green monster was banished to a planet ruled by gladiatorial combat, he’s back and he’s angry . . . very angry. Blaming the death of his wife on earth’s greatest heroes Iron Man, Black Bolt, Mr Fantastic and Dr Strange. So proceeds to lay waste to all before him in an orgy of mass destruction in his searches for justice. With obvious references to 9/11, in many ways this is a single fight scene played out on an apocalyptic level over an entire graphic novel.

Greg Pak manages to keep the pace high and of course John Romita Jr’s art is exceptional with multiple splash pages showcasing the carnage on a grand scale. Fans are advised to go for the Marvel UK print which includes a prologue and ‘What If . . . ?’ story not included in the US edition.

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