5 Paperback Autobiogs

Also Published

  1. David Coulthard - It Is What It Is
    From rural Scotland to a multi-millionaire lifestyle in Monte Carlo all thanks to the flashy world of Formula 1 motor racing. Orion.
  2. Mark Barrowcliffe - The Elfish Gene
    A memoir of a nerdish youth in the 1970s dominated by Dungeons and Dragons and all that loser kind of stuff. Pan.
  3. Nancy Dell’Olio - My Beautiful Game
    The no-nonsense Italian shows that she’s more than just Sven-related tabloid fodder as this successful lawyer tells her life tale. Bantam.
  4. Mark Johnson - Wasted
    A ‘misery memoir’ about a childhood of violence and subsequent descent into heroin and homelessness which somehow resulted in a happy ending. Sphere.
  5. Martin Rowson - Stuff
    An idiosyncratic reflection on his upbringing in the 60s and 70s from The Guardian and Morning Star cartoonist. Vintage.

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