Antony Cotton has Corrie job due to off-screen 'role'

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  • 24 June 2015
Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton believes he's still working at 'Coronation Street' after 13 years because of the role he plays off-screen rather than on-screen

Antony Cotton believes the reason he's kept his job on 'Coronation Street' after 13 years is due to his off-screen persona rather than his onscreen character Sean Tully.

The 39-year-old actor insisted the producers have kept him and fellow castmates Jennie McAlpine and Malcolm Hebden - who play Fiz and Norris respectively - on for so many years is because they have "different roles to play" off-screen in the green room.

Antony said: "The people that are left, like me, like Jenny McAlpine, Malcolm Hebden, that have been there a long time. Within the show, we all play a part, but then privately outside the show, in the green room, we all play other parts. There's someone you can always get advice from, someone else you know you can always borrow a tenner from.

"The reason I've been on the show for so long is because of the role I play within the unit, as well as playing Sean on the show."

Antony went on to insist he's not taking part in this year's series of 'Strictly Come Dancing', despite it being one of his "favourite television shows", as his "loyalties lie at 'Coronation Street' ".

Speaking on ITV's 'Lorraine', Antony said: I just signed for 'Coronation Street' for another 12 months, which takes me to August next year, so I can't do both ('Strictly' and 'Corrie'). You've got to dedicate your life to ('Strictly'). It is one of my favourite television shows, and I would bite their hand off, but my loyalties lie at 'Coronation Street'."

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