Brian Belo quits Big Brother

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  • 24 June 2015
Brian Belo

Brian Belo

Brian Belo has left the 'Big Brother' house and although it's yet to be revealed what caused him to walk out, it's been suggested his fiery feud with fellow legendary housemate Helen Wood could be to blame

Brian Belo has left the 'Big Brother' house.

The 27-year-old star - who won the 2007 series of the reality show - entered the house last week as part of the current 'Timebomb' series' Time Warp twist but has now decided to walk out.

A spokesperson for the Channel 5 show, said: "Brian Belo has left the 'Big Brother' house.

"Watch 'Big Brother' tonight at 10pm to find out more details."

Although it's yet to be revealed what caused the legendary former contestant to abandon his latest stint in the house, he did threaten to leave last week after blasting fellow new arrival Helen Wood and her partner in crime Marc O'Neill for being "bullies".

Helen - who won the show last year and is famous for having slept with footballer Wayne Rooney - later hit back at Brian in a newspaper column she wrote from inside the house.

She ranted: "He's thrown shoes, banged walls, been aggressive verbally, the guy's lost his hinges.

"He's living in the past and 'Big Brother is literally his life, I mean c'mon, I'm a massive fan and will never forget it, but a tattoo as a memorial?! Chill out, Bri."

Following the news Brian has left the house, fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment.

Sarah Greenwood - whose Twitter handle is @daveonbb - wrote: "@chrisrwright @brian_belo I'm worried about him. For someone who loves the show so much to leave? thats a big deal. Helen is a satan. (sic)"

@GabbygalEvs replied, saying: "@chrisrwright @davonneonbb @brian_belo poor brian hes a nice bloke must have been hard-they wont do anything to upset their precious helen (sic)."

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