Graham Norton is ready to retire

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  • 24 June 2015
Graham Norton

Graham Norton

BBC presenter Graham Norton has admitted he is ready to retire from TV work

Graham Norton is ready to retire from TV work.

The 52-year-old presenter's BBC contract expires next year and he's revealed his determination to go out while at the top of his game - and not when he's having to beg people to appear on his chat show.

Asked if he is thinking about retiring, Graham said: "Yes. You want to get out while people are still watching.

"I love doing TV, but it never gets easier. That does wear you down."

Although Graham insisted he has no immediate plans to walk away from presenting, he admitted it's something he's already given some thought to.

He told The Sun newspaper: "We've been working to being on this primetime slot. No one wants to inch backwards where you're going, 'Yes, the cast of Towie can come on'.

"It's about retiring when on top. I'm not jumping tomorrow, but it's in my head."

Meanwhile, Graham also revealed he's determined to leave the business at an age that allows him to enjoy his post-work life.

Speaking at the Times+ talk event at London's Palace Theatre, he reflected: "You want to get out while you can still enjoy your life.

"Neighbours of mine went on a round-the-world trip when they retired. They had to be airlifted three times because they were too old. I don't want to be them. You don't want to be thinking, 'I wish I'd stopped sooner'."

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