Bruce Jones' Coronation Street exit led to depression

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  • 23 June 2015
Bruce Jones

Bruce Jones

Former 'Coronation Street' star Bruce Jones spiraled into depressing after leaving the ITV show

Bruce Jones' 'Coronation Street' exit caused him to spiral into depression.

The 62-year-old actor - who starred as cab driver Les Battersby for a decade on the ITV soap, before he was axed in 2007 - has admitted his exit from the show had a dramatic impact on his wellbeing.

Bruce, whose £500,000 Cheshire home was repossessed in 2010, explained: "I didn't know I had depression. I just felt bad. A friend came in because he was worried about me. I'd been in my pyjamas for four days. I never moved.

"My wife got me to the doctor who wanted to give me pills.

"But I told him, 'I'm not taking anti-depressants. I'll get myself out of it'. Which is easier said than done."

The father-of-four is desperate to return to acting, but his struggle to find work has led him to claim benefits.

He told The Sun newspaper: "It's been a journey I never thought I'd go on. I realise it happens to a lot of people.

"There are a lot of really professional people signing on now, which surprised me.

"You can see in their faces they don't want to do it. They want to work. I want to work. I don't like living off the state."

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