Controversial British writer denied entry to America

  • 20 March 2008

Sebastian Horseley considered too immoral

Author Sebastian Horsley was refused entry to the United States yesterday as he arrived to promote Dandy in the Underworld, his controversial memoir of drug addiction, sex and his dysfunctional family, his publisher confirmed.

Seale Ballenger, spokesman for HarperCollins, said Horsley was stopped by immigration officials at New York's Newark airport after flying in from London on Tuesday.

The 45-year-old writer, who claims to have slept with 1,000 prostitutes, worked as a male escort and has been in and out of rehab to treat his drug addiction.

When he arrived in New York he was wearing his trademark top hat, three-piece suit and painted finger nails. There he was accused of 'moral turpitude' in connection with his former drug use, pro-prostitution stance, and controversial self-crucifixion in the Philippines in 2000.

'He is very honest about his life. That is who Sebastian is,' Ballenger told Reuters news agency. He was speaking from a party that was meant to be the American launch for the book but which ended up being a rally to raise support to bring Horsley back to the country.

After several hours of questioning by immigration officials, Horsley was put on a plane bound for London.


1. Paul Dale20 Mar 2008, 12:56pm

This really is disgraceful, to my mind Sebastian Horsley is one of the great living British dandies whose forthrightness about his exploits, sexual or otherwise makes him a great model for honesty, openness and diplomacy. He is a signifier of the kind of world we could live in, one without hypocrisy engendered by Christian fundamentalist governments and terrorist hysteria. It is arguable that without so called 'moral turpitude' (a horrible term that stinks of US officialdom) societies would never progress or learn from their mistakes, Horsley should be handed the keys to a city that has been largely defined in the last decade by a TV show called Sex in the City. Shame on you all. By the way Sebastian's little brother Jake is a renowned film writer and he writes regularly for the film section of The List if you wish to check any of his reviews out.

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