Paul McCartney's miscarriage revelation

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  • 19 March 2008

Paul McCartney's miscarriage revelation

Heather Mills suffered a miscarriage while married to Sir Paul McCartney.

The Beatles legend, who must pay his ex-wife £24.3 million in their divorce settlement, revealed in his High Court battle that Heather had a miscarriage in the first year of their marriage.

Paul, who has a four-year-old daughter Beatrice with Heather, told the court: "We stopped using contraception the night we were married. There was never any question of us doing so before the wedding.

"Heather had one miscarriage before Beatrice was conceived. Neither of us contemplated children without marriage."

The 65-year-old musician's statement was published in Mr. Justice Bennett's explosive 58-page judgement yesterday (18.03.08).

Paul also revealed he was "old fashioned" about the idea of marriage and didn't move in with Heather until they wed in 2002 - even though they got engaged in 2001.

He insists he exchanged vows with Heather, 40, truly believing he would be with her forever.

Paul, who split from the former model in 2006, said: "After our marriage, the nature of our relationship, to my mind, changed significantly. I was, and remain, fairly old fashioned about marriage. We decided on a proper wedding for that reason.

"I believed it was for life and that it put everything on a different footing. I drew up a will to include Heather."

Mr. Bennett ruled it was "unrealistic" for Heather - who demanded £125 million in her divorce settlement - to continue to enjoy the same standard of living she had with Paul.

He said: "After a short marriage to a very wealthy man, it is unfair to expect that she should continue to live at the same 'rate'. Such an expectation is completely unrealistic."

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