Luisa Zissman names and shames airport security officer

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  • 15 June 2015
Luisa Zissman

Luisa Zissman

Luisa Zissman has slammed a member of airport security at London's Stansted Airport after she demanded to look through private photos on her phone

Luisa Zissman has named and shamed an airport security officer after accusing her of "perving" on her private photos.

The former 'Apprentice' star has taken to her Twitter account to complain after the female member of staff at London's Stansted airport demanded to look at the pictures on her phone, which included a number of intimate selfies.

She wrote: "I'm @ STN_Airport & the security woman demands to see the pics on my phone! WTF? She was embarrassed when the selfies came up! # weirdo (sic)

"After she saw my pics she came up again said Do I know you from somewhere" then proceeded to shout big brother @ me @STN_Airport (sic)."

The 28-year-old businesswoman and former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant was flying from London to Dublin and plans to file a formal complaint as she claims the incident was an invasion of her privacy.

Luisa - who has a young daughter named Dixie - continued: "I think she needs to be spoken to!! Perving on my pics & then shouting Big Brother Big Brother @ me!

"I do obvs have pics of my daughter and you dnt get any more personal than what she saw. (sic)"

The brunette beauty - who is set to marry fiance Andrew Collins later this year - insists there was no reason for the employee to need to see her pictures.

She added: "How do my pics affect security at the airport? I was put on the spot & had nothing to hide. She said she had to see them cause it's a security risk? I will defo complain. (sic)"

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