Leanne Battersby to be held hostage in Coronation Street

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  • 15 June 2015
Leanne comes face to face with Dan

Leanne Battersby comes face to face with former client Dan Jones

Leanne Battersby is to be held hostage by a twisted former client in 'Coronation Street' after he begins dating Rovers Return barmaid Liz McDonald and she recognises him from her days as a prostitute

'Coronation Street's Leanne Battersby is to be held hostage.

The former prostitute, who is played by the actress Jane Danson, is set to come face to face with a twisted ex-client when he begins dating Rovers Return barmaid Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard).

The explosive episodes will see Dan Jones trap a terrified Leanne - who is still mourning the death of her fiancé Kal Nazir - in her flat and beat her, leaving her terrified for her stepson Simon's safety.

A source shared: "This will be yet another horrific ordeal for Leanne, following Kal's death.

"She knows from the past experience what Dan is capable of.

"So when he traps her, she fears the worst.

"And then when he loses control and starts lashing out, all she cares about is protecting Simon from him. Outside, people hear banging and crashing coming from Leanne's flat but don't think anything of it, even joking that she has taken up clog-dancing.

"They have no idea that something is seriously wrong and that Leanne and Simon are both in serious danger."

The latest dramatic storyline comes as Liz McDonald, who was recently left heartbroken by conman and cheat Tony Stewart, introduces her friends and family to her new lover Dan (Andrew Paul).

Leanne recognises him immediately but is blackmailed into staying silent as Dan threatens to tell Simon about her past.

However, when she gets a moment alone with her Leanne takes the opportunity to tell Liz her new boyfriend is a kerb-crawler who used to beat her, prompting the feisty blonde to kick him out.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper: "It has become clear at this point that Dan is a very dangerous man.

"Liz certainly isn't doing well in the romance stakes recently."

This latest twist in the ITV soap comes after it was revealed Leanne would be the victim of domestic abuse when Simon starts lashing out at her following the death of Kal and his grandmother Deirdre.

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