Paul OGrady dislikes manufactured men

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  • 14 June 2015
Paul O'Grady

Paul OGrady

Paul O'Grady thinks that men who pluck their eyebrows and wear fake tan look too manufactured and wishes he wasn't so critical of his own looks when he was younger

Paul O'Grady would never use botox.

The former drag queen revealed that some days he doesn't recognise his older self in the mirror but he would never reach out for facial enhancements and believes that men who pluck their eyebrows and wear fake tan should "get over themselves."

He said: "I'd never have Botox or tried to look younger. I see these men who've had work done and it just looks so manufactured.

"This craze for plucking eyebrows and wearing fake tan. I just think, 'get over yourself'"

Though Paul - who recently turned 60 - admitted that he misses his youthful looks and didn't appreciate them at the time.

He said: "When I look in the mirrir it's very strange. I've been digging out old pictures while i've writing and I don't relate to the teenage me at all. It's like I'm looking at a different person completely. I remember how, back then, I hated my looks. Now I think, oh God, I had amazing red hair and lovely skin. What was I panicking about?

Speaking in an interview with The Sunday Mirror, the Radio 2 DJ explained that since he has has five dogs, four goats, five barn owls, nine sheep and six pigs, his make-up routine can involve other hazards.

He said: "The big thing my makeup artist has to worry about is my animal-related injuries. Of course there are mornings I go to the bathroom to shave, look in the mirror and say, 'eurgh, where the bloody hell has that come from? They'll be a big tramline across my face where I've slept funny. It won't go away - it softens into a wrinkle. "

He added: "But I don't know why people worry about getting older. Age, with all that wealth of experience we accumulate, is a wonderful thing."

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