Tommy Mallett and Georgia Kousoulou want Greek wedding

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 June 2015
Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallett

Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallett

Tommy Mallet and Georgia Kousoulou have revealed that they hope to get married soon

'The Only Way is Essex' stars Tommy Mallet and Georgia Kousoulou hope to get married soon.

The duo have been dating for nearly two years and have revealed they would want a "crazy" wedding that's a mix of Greek and Irish culture - but Georgia has admitted their different backgrounds could complicate the ceremony.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she explained: "I would like a crazy Greek wedding. I'd be worried though, because I would want it Greek but then all Tommy's family are Irish."

Meanwhile, Georgia said that although the duo can "hate" each other from time to time, they've been in love since the moment they first met.

She shared: "There is so much passion there between us it can be good [and] it can be bad, we are just two normal people and we just met and it was love straightaway.

"When we are good, we're really good and then when it's bad, we like bicker and hate each other for an hour. But then love each other again, we get it out the way.

"Every 10 minutes there's something but because of that, there are no major explosions."

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