Glasgow Comic Con: Art Critic Dog #1

Art Critic Dog #1


Meet The List's toughest culture journo

Collectibles at the ready, Glasgow Comic Con returns for its 5th anniversary Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 July at various venues around the city. To celebrate, we teamed up with those talented folks at Black Hearted Press to introduce you to Art Critic Dog. And by 'teamed up', what we really mean is they used their artistic powers to create these super sweet comic strips exclusively for The List.

We also caught up with festival director Sha Nazir to find out who you should be looking out for at the main event.

Come back Monday for Art Critic Dog part 2.

Glasgow Comic Con

A comic convention with the focus very much on comics and their creators, writers, illustrators and readers. There are traders and exhibitors, a cosplay competition and a stacked guest list leading panels, talks and workshops. Guests for 2017 include Pat Mills, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Marguerite Sauvage, Elsa…