Amanda Clapham wants to cover up on Hollyoaks

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  • 12 June 2015
Amanda Clapham

Amanda Clapham

Amanda Clapham wishes her 'Hollyoaks' alter ego Holly Cunningham wore more clothes as she often feels cold on set

Amanda Clapham wishes her 'Hollyoaks' character wore more clothes.

The blonde actress portrays Holly Cunningham in the Channel 4 soap and often feels cold on set because of the schoolgirl's skimpy outfits.

She admitted: "Holly likes waist skirts and crop tops, so sometimes I wish I could wear more clothes when it's cold."

Though Amanda enjoys playing Holly, she would love to see her character go to the "dark side" and spend more time with local gangsters Trevor Royle (Greg Wood) and Grace Black (Tamara Wall).

She said: "Holly hasn't done anything wrong really, apart from cheating on her boyfriend, so I'd want to see her go to the dark side.

"I could wear a wig and go and hang around with Grace and Trevor."

However, Amanda admits there is no such drama in store for Holly.

She said: "Holly is going through so much with her mum's bipolar disorder and her boyfriend Jason's eating disorder. So this year is about them. But she also has some great new friends at college."

And the young actress doesn't want her real life to be anything like the show.

She told We Love Pop magazine: "I wish it was less like it because there's so much drama already."

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