New music: World music round-up – June

New music: World music round-up – June

Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud – Isswat

New releases from Terakaft, Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud, Supreme Talent Show, Soapkills

Terakaft – Alone (Tenere) (Outthere Records, out now) ●●●●
Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud – Isswat (Sahel Sounds, out now) ●●●●●
Supreme Talent Show – Danbe (Sahel Sounds, out now) ●●●●
Various – Peru Boom: Bass, Bleeps & Bumps from Peru’s Electronic Underground (Tiger’s Milk, out Mon 6 Jul) ●●●
Soapkills – The Best of Soapkills (Crammed Discs, out now) ●●●

Terakaft’s fifth album Alone is one of the most powerful Tuareg rock statements in some time, politically charged and musically adventurous. ‘Anabayou’ is a bold opener, reimagining the traditional camel train rhythm as a bouncy Schaffel beat. The guitars flicker and burn, as snaking leads interlock with clipped rhythm parts and driving riffs. Baritone surf guitar and a whomping kick drum drive ‘Karambani’, while ‘Amidminin Senta Aneflas’ skips to an infectious Cajun rhythm. A more reflective side comes out on ‘Kal Hoggar’, the psychedelic guitars glimmering in the desert night.

The latest releases from the essential Sahel Sounds show two different sides of the region. Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud’s début recording (see below) presents traditional Azawad folk, her rich, poetic vocals striding over hypnotic vocal drones, handclaps and calabash rhythms. These songs of folk history, revolution and longing are mesmeric and completely transporting.
Featured on last year’s glorious Balani Show Super Hits compilation, Bamako street party kings Supreme Talent Show get their own release in Danbe. It’s a ridiculously exciting sound: frenetic djembe rhythms, balaphone samples, klaxon-like synths and infectious rapping over bass-heavy beats. Taps aff!

The beats of Peru Boom are less party oriented, with the producers dialling down the BPMs to fuse indigenous sounds with electronica. There’s some generic EDM and techno here, but tracks like Chakruna’s ‘Cumbia Achorada’ and Tribilin Sound’s ‘El Carmen’ offer intriguingly cosmic takes on Peruvian rhythms.

Those seduced by Jasmine Hamdan’s turn in Jim Jarmusch’s jaded vampire flick Only Lovers Left Alive will be keen to hear the Lebanese singer’s former band, Soapkills. Formed in late ‘90s Beirut, the duo sought to fuse classical Arab song with trip-hop beats. ‘Enta Fen’ is a highlight, Zeid Hamdan’s sparse beats and smoky Arabic synths graced by Jasmine Hamdan’s gorgeous vocals.

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