Ben Cohen's mother-in-law tells Kristina Rihanoff to go back to Russia

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  • 11 June 2015
Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen's mother-in-law has said she wants Kristina Rihanoff - whom Ben is alleged to have cheated on his estranged wife Abby with - to "go back to Russia"

Ben Cohen's mother-in-law thinks Kristina Rihanoff should "go back to Russia".

The former England rugby star split from his wife Abby after it was rumoured he'd had an affair with Kristina during their time partnered on the BBC One show 'Strictly Come Dancing' in 2013 and Abby's estranged mother Felicity Bassouls has now blasted the professional dancer, who is nicknamed "the Siberian Siren".

Felicity - who Ben filed charges of harassment against after she allegedly bombarded him with emails and calls as his marriage to her daughter broke down - said of the reports of an affair: "I don't know why Kristina doesn't go back to Russia and leave us all alone. I can't stand the sight of that woman. All this has killed a family."

The 67-year-old mother insisted she'll never forgive Ben, 36 - who has two daughters with Abby - for how he's treated her daughter and for accusing her of harassment, although the charges against her have now been dropped.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I'm devastated. It has cause a lot of heartache. This has put me and my husband through hell. I always treated Ben like a son but I've lost all the love I had for him."

Felicity also claimed the stress of being dragged through court has affected her heart problems.

She added: "I have angina and I only came out of hospital two weeks ago."

Meanwhile, Kristina, 37 - who previously dated her 2009 'Strictly' partner Joe Calzaghe and reportedly had an affair with fellow professional Vincent Simone - previously revealed she considered quitting the show over claims she and Ben had an affair.

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