EastEnders theme tune played at Anne Kirkbride's memorial

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  • 11 June 2015
Anne Kirkbride

Anne Kirkbride

The 'EastEnders' theme tune was played at Anne Kirkbride's memorial service as a joke organised by the late actress' husband

The 'EastEnders' theme tune was played at Anne Kirkbride's memorial service.

Friends and family gathered at Manchester Cathedral last month to remember the 'Coronation Street' legend - who died of cancer in January - and the late star's husband David Beckett couldn't resist playing a joke to lighten the mood.

'Corrie' star Kym Marsh revealed: "At one point, as a joke, the 'EastEnders' theme tune boomed out of the speakers! It must have been Dave who chose that - it did make us laugh."

The 38-year-old actress thought the service was an "amazing tribute" to the late star, but she thinks Anne would have been uncomfortable with the attention.

Writing in her OK! magazine column, she added: "Anne's memorial was an amazing tribute to her ... During the service they played some wonderful videos of Anne. A choir and opera singer sang and friends and family shared their memories...

"There was laughter but it was also very emotional and there were tears too - but for the most part it was a celebration of her life and remembering what a wonderful person Anne was.

"Although Anne would have probably hated it as she didn't like any fuss. She never liked to go to awards ceremonies or anything like that, but I'm sure she'd have been really happy that so many people were there."

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