Sheridan Smith left heartbroken by new drama

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  • 10 June 2015
Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith has confessed she became so attached to her new role as police widow Jo Gillespie that she was left emotionally wrecked from filming some dramatic scenes

Sheridan Smith felt heartbroken after filming dramatic scenes for new ITV drama 'Black Work'.

The 33-year-old actress was emotionally distraught from acting in the series in which she plays mother and police widow Jo Gillespie, whose husband is shot dead in mysterious circumstances leaving her to break the news to their two children.

She said: "You get so involved in it all. The scene where she has to tell them their father is dead broke my heart and I couldn't imagine what it would be like for a real family."

Sheridan particularly got close to her on-screen kids, played by youngsters Honor Kneafsey and Oliver Woolford, which only added to the emotion in their scenes together.

She admitted: "I became so close with both of them and there are some emotional moments. I put myself in those scenes.

"We were in a beautiful cathedral. Holding Honor's hand and having to walk behind the officers carrying the coffin was really powerful to film."

Sheridan has received rave reviews for recent acting performances in TV shows 'Cilla' - in which she portrayed showbusiness legend Cilla Black - and 'Mrs. Biggs' and subsequently she was awarded an OBE from Queen Elizabeth.

The star admits preparing for those roles was much easier than doing her research for 'Black Work'.

Speaking about her former work, she said: "When you're playing someone like Cilla or Mrs. Biggs you get all these research packs. I watched all the interviews of Cilla from the 1960s and so on.

"Of course with this you can't just go into a police station and say 'Can I watch what you're doing?' But I got enough information to know where to pitch my performance as far as what it's like being in the force.

She added: "I have a cousin in the police. I'm hoping she thinks I've done a good enough job. Or she'll be on the phone straight away!"

The three-part drama will air later this month.

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