Preview: An Evening with David Sedaris

Preview: An Evening with David Sedaris

Sardonic author of Me Talk Pretty One Day discusses anger and the unique bond he has with his fans

David Sedaris is angry. Drivers make him angry, he says. So do people throwing footballs on the beach, women wearing perfume at the gym or doing their nails on the train: ‘I've never seen this anywhere except the UK,’ he informs me with such vigour that I feel compelled to apologise on behalf of my country. Oh, and so do hotel wake-up calls. He could go on.

Sedaris is so passionate about litter that his solo efforts to clean up the West Sussex town in which he lives resulted in an invite to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen. Quite an impressive feat for someone who has written about public urination, taxidermied pygmies and the prime real estate of Anne Frank's Amsterdam attic: ‘it's sunlit, beautiful views; it's a dream apartment!’ He may also be the only prominent American satirist to have had a British rubbish truck named after him.

Sedaris’ one-man shows are part reading, part stand-up, letting him try out new material on a live audience and connect with fans of his morbidly funny prose. He finds himself staying to sign books or chat to readers so late that he eats dinner in between signings and hearing his readers' own bizarre anecdotes. In fact, his bond is so close with his audience that he once found himself in a New Mexico clinic at 1am, having a benign tumour removed by a fan after mentioning it in the show. Sedaris insisted that he wanted to feed the tumour to a snapping turtle who lived near his beach house: ‘I'd been feeding him hot dogs and chicken gizzards all summer, I just wanted to give him something a little more personal.’

An Evening with David Sedaris tours until Mon 15 Jun.

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