Album review: Nozinja – Nozinja Lodge (3 stars)

Album review: Nozinja – Nozinja Lodge

(Warp Records)

Shangaan electro on first solo album from Noninja

A first official solo album from the pioneer/magnate/one-man-scene-generator that is Nozinja, king of the shangaan electro genre (think South African folk on disco-charged steroids). Its tin-can production, garish synthetic marimba and superfast, abrasive rhythms can make for difficult listening, but listening is beside the point: nothing less than furious ass-shaking is the intention. Some of the frenetic chipmunk vocals begin to grate, but there’s just enough interesting soulfulness to balance that out.

Listen to album track ‘Xihukwani’:


A performance by the South African mastermind of the Afro-futurist dance movement known as Shangaan electro, Richard Mthetwa.

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