Mika (4 stars)

Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow, Fri 17 Nov 6


First mentioned in the same places as fellow quirk-pop doyens Lily Allen and The Pipettes, it’s unlikely that the Beirut-born, London-raised Mika will be playing many more venues as intimate as Sleazy’s. As he played here, he was also making his national television debut before the nation on Later . . .

The main superlative already flying around is ‘the new Freddie Mercury’, and - much like Freddie and another similarly crystal-voiced troubadour, Antony of ‘ . . . and the Johnsons’ fame - Mika is a singer you will either adore or despise. 23-years-old and gangly of frame, he’s like the slightly awkward school musical prodigy, a more than capable pianist and a pyrotechnic singer. His repertoire ranges from sensitive ballads to theatrical pomp-pop, but it’s the latter that will no doubt propel him to huge fame. ‘Grace Kelly’ is a truly original song, all vaulting falsetto and dynamic chord changes, while ‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)’ is an (apparently unintentional) descendent of ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’. He and Freddie have plenty in common, it seems.

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