Sarah-Jane Crawford: Breast cancer scare changed my outlook on life

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  • 8 June 2015
Sarah-Jane Crawford

Sarah-Jane Crawford

Sarah-Jane Crawford has said she is going to check herself more regularly after having a breast cancer scare. The former 'The Xtra Factor' presenter is going to take "good care" of herself after having an operation to move a growth

Sarah-Jane Crawford has a new "outlook" on life after going through a breast cancer scare.

The former 'Xtra Factor' presenter has revealed she found a lump in her right breast before taking on the job on the spin-off show to 'The X Factor' and was terrified it was cancer before it was diagnosed as a papilloma, which is a wart in the breast duct.

Speaking about how she now tries to take "good" care of her self and check for lumps more regularly, she said: "My breast cancer scare changed my outlook on life. It definitely reminded me that as humans we are not fallible and that we need to take good care of ourselves more and more as the years roll by.

"It also made me realise that I'm not immune to something like breast cancer so I need to keep on top of checking up on myself."

The BBC Radio 1 Xtra DJ is also looking to improve her lifestyle by eating "organic" food, which have less "toxins".

She told MailOnline: "I'm certainly much more aware of the right and wrong things to do. For example, I'd always shop organic these days as I don't want to absorb as many toxins as I used to since that can lead to oestrogen levels rising and therefore you may be more prone to lumps and bumps."

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