Emma Stone fakes coolness

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 June 2015
Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Emma Stone tries to be herself as much as possible but sometimes pretends to be "cooler" than she really is

Emma Stone pretends to be a "little cooler" than she really is.

The 26-year-old actress always does her best to be as "natural" as possible but sometimes has to hide her anxiety and tries to seem more "relaxed" than she feels.

She said: "Sometimes I try to show that I'm a little cooler and more relaxed than I actually am.

"But I prefer being myself and not trying to hide my nervousness or vulnerable sides rather than trying to put on a facade or hide behind any contrived public persona.

"I think the public also appreciates it when you are able to be natural and just relate to people as honestly as possible."

The 'Birdman' actress - who recently reunited with boyfriend Andrew Garfield - has previously spoken about her struggles with anxiety but says her work helped her overcome her difficulties.

She explained to Britain's HELLO! magazine: "Acting was a way of overcoming my anxiety. I'm much more secure now, but I still deal with anxiety.

"Acting allows me to make productive use of my overly sensitive side and channel all that nervous energy, which would otherwise be more of an obstacle in life.

"My work is such an important and wonderful creative outlet for me that I couldn't imagine my life without it."

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