Visual art preview: Marysia Gacek – Pleasant Setting

Visual art preview: Marysia Gacek – Pleasant Setting

Gifts to the Glasgow Skies / credit: Marysia Gacek

Work shows fruits of artist's labour on Glasgow Sculpture Studios’ one-year MFA Graduate Fellowship

On leaving Glasgow School of Art in 2014, artist Marysia Gacek received Glasgow Sculpture Studios’ one-year MFA Graduate Fellowship. This award allows artists access to studio space, accommodation and production facilities alongside funding towards a solo exhibition in the GSS programme. The new work on display in Pleasant Setting will reveal the fruits of Gacek’s labour throughout the fellowship, which she has used to further develop her interest in the relationship between visual forms and cultural references.

‘This exhibition will feature a set of paintings on white muslin curtains which run along the walls and windows of the gallery,’ she says of the display’s unlikely starting point, which provides a suitable backdrop for the whole show. ‘Magritte-style trompe l'oeil landscapes and one-to-one renderings will portray what lies directly behind the curtains.’

Gacek will also use GSS’ exhibition space as a platform for further exploring her fascination in the body’s relationship to space and the ways which artforms can distort that dialogue. ‘Heightening awareness of the body’s traversal of a space, the curtains muffle the potential of architecture,’ she explains. ‘The works propose a simulation that draws one nearer to nature through a process of pointedly obscurantist representation.’

Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Sat 11 Jul–Sat 5 Sep

Marysia Gacek

Sculptural work from Polish-born artist, using personal symbolism and different modes of representation.

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