Martin Kemp surprised by emotion he brought to role

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  • 5 June 2015
Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp as black ops sniper Sam Blake in 'Age of Kill'

Martin Kemp has confessed that despite it being a film about a black ops sniper being blackmailed by a terrorist, he didn't want 'Age of Kill' to just be about "a man running around with a gun"

Martin Kemp didn't want 'Age of Kill' to just be a film about "a man running around with a gun".

The 53-year-old actor has confessed he enjoyed being able to use his experience of acting in dramas to bring emotion to the new action film, in which he plays a black ops sniper who is blackmailed by a terrorist into killing six seemingly unrelated people in six hours.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "This was the first real action film that I've done. The first lead role in an action film. Usually I shoot dramas but I was surprised by how much emotion I could bring into it. I tried my hardest to turn it into not just a film about a man running around with a gun but a man who's bringing his own life experiences into it, and letting the audience feel his emotion was a lot of fun."

The former 'EastEnders' actor admitted, however, that it was the storyline that got him interested in the project in the first place.

Kemp explained: "What attracts me to any project, any film project, is a good script and this was one. A friend of mine, [producer] Jonathan Sothcott came to me about 18 months ago and said, 'Read this script'. I loved the script and then after that he said Phil Davis is doing it, Patrick Bergin's doing it and that's what you want as an actor, is to work opposite good actors so it was kind of a no brainer really but it fell perfectly for me at the time when [my band] Spandau [Ballet] weren't on tour. We weren't doing anything, so it was great."

'Age of Kill' is in cinemas and Digital/Vod on June 12 and on DVD/Blu-ray June 15.

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