DMC: Simon Cowell should make magic TV show

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  • 3 June 2015
Magician DMC

Magician DMC

Magician DMC wants Simon Cowell to make a new magic-based TV show now Jamie Raven has shown him how great the skill is on 'Britain's Got Talent'

Magician DMC hopes Simon Cowell decides to make a magic show now Jamie Raven has made him a fan on 'Britain's Got Talent'.

The 'Beyond Magic with DMC' star was thrilled to see Jamie finish as runner-up on the ITV talent show on Sunday night (31.05.15) after wowing Simon and the other judges with his sleight of hand.

He now hopes the entertainment mogul will give his backing to magic and create a TV series based around the art form.

When asked if new fan Cowell can give magicians a boost, DMC told BANG Showbiz: "For sure, that's in no doubt. He's virtually an industry himself so to give it his support would be a big deal. I think a lot of people perhaps wouldn't think about watching or exploring magic but I think we're riding a very happy wave of very talented magicians right now. There was a very quiet period but it seems there's really a sort of renaissance now. It's a good time, a good chapter."

DMC - real name Drummond Money-Coutts - is friends with Jamie and was thrilled to see him do so well on 'BGT', because he insists he deserves a chance to shine.

He said: "I love Jamie. I've worked with Jamie in the past and we had lunch a few weeks ago, he's a great magician. I think when magic is done well and magic is done right and there's a level of skill to it and it's not camera trickery I think it's wonderful. I think any good, skilled magic is only ever a good thing."

DMC, 29, also scoffed at the people who took to social media and YouTube to point out how Jamie did his trick in the final, which involved him cutting open a whole lemon to reveal a bank note that judge Alesha Dixon had signed inside the fruit.

He said: "I know people find a chink in the armour but it doesn't explain that much of the trick, you know? People have this idea that if they can work out five percent of a trick then they've cracked the whole thing but there's so much more to it and by the sounds of what Jamie did he did so much more than just that ... Jamie did a great trick and that's what is important."

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