Theatre preview: Robert Jägerhorn – Waiting for Hitchcock

Theatre preview: Robert Jägerhorn – Waiting for Hitchcock

A dramatic, unpredictable magic performance at Edinburgh's MagicFest

Robert Jägerhorn admits that luck played a part in the development of his latest magic show. ‘My grandfather was an enthusiastic collector of movies,’ he says. ‘And somehow, by chance, I stumbled upon this lost film while going through his archive.’ The film in question, Hitchcock’s long-lost silent Number 8, can’t be shown as part of the performance, forcing Jägerhorn to use his own brand of theatrical magic to tell the story.

‘Admittedly, this is my version only of the story,’ he continues. ‘You really need to come see the show to be able to discover your own truth.’ Jägerhorn, part of a small number of Finnish magicians, has developed ‘situational magic’, a fusion of tricks and theatricality, that move him away from the predictable conjurer.

He explains: ‘It’s a concept within my magic where the magical sequences are part of the situation that’s happening on the stage. In my situational magic, the magical sequences could, for example, be necessary to make the situation move forward. Or maybe the magic is just born out of the situation at hand. The magic becomes kind of more organic.’

Unlike more routine-based magic, situational magic is ideal for storytelling. And with the promise of Hitchcock’s plot, and Jägerhorn’s attempts to woo the audience with clarinet playing, tea-making and emotional honesty, the only predictable feature will be the entertainment.

Summerhall, Edinburgh, Sat 27 Jun--Fri 3 Jul. Part of MagicFest.

Robert Jägerhorn: Waiting for Hitchcock – A dramatic unpredictable magic performance

Robert has found Hitchcock's long lost film, Number 8. He can't show the film, so he communicates the story with a blend of silent movies mimicry, chaplin-esque slapstick and magical disappearances.

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